161113 Black Scientists and Inventors

Luton Black Men Community Group Presents

In conjunction with BIS Publications

Black Scientists and Inventors

Sunday 13th November 3pm to 5pm

(doors open 2:45pm)

(for the whole African Heritage family, men, women, boys and girls)

Luton Irish Forum, 102 Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 0ES

(Entrance at car park off Brunswick street roundabout)


BIS Publications is a UK based publishing house with over 15 years in the publishing, distribution and retail book industry. We are publishers of multicultural fiction and non-fiction children books. We came into existence after our research found that although there was vital need for African books and resources, it was not being fully catered for.

BIS Publications books promote cultural education amongst all communities, knowledge, inspiration, aspiration and information resulting in producing children with high self esteem, high self worth, pride in their heritage and most of all confidence.


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